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Elearning Courses

Travel Safety

Our Travel Safety courses are short – 15-20 minutes long, customisable and can be translated into any language. They are designed to build upon our core course, Travel Wise. Whilst this course caters for 90% of employees and their risk exposure globally, we also have additional courses & videos covering different risk types, that an employee can use when relevant to their travel. 

For those wanting only one course, sections and/or videos from these courses can be used in a bespoke version of Travel Wise, when an organisation experiences specific risks on a regular basis.

Travel Wise

Our travel safety course, Travel Wise, covers the essential topics for all travel to all destinations. Topics include introduction, preparation, awareness of risks and how to respond to an incident.

Travel Wise is used as the framework for all client customisation versions.

  • Concise learning with rich use of animation to bring training to life
  • Quick fire compliance quiz
  • 20 minutes
  • Available in any language
Additional Travel Safety courses:

beTravelwise can create custom courses using any of these courses as a base or by starting from scratch. All these courses take approximately 15 minutes to complete and contain handy checklists.

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Incident Wise

High-Risk (Security) Destinations

A doctor writing in a small yellow booklet
Health Wise

High Risk Medical Course

LATAM Travel Wise

Staying safe in Latin America

A busy road with yellow taxis
Road Wise

Road safety course

A young woman traveller is looking up at the departure board in an airport
Study Abroad Travel Wise

Study Abroad - Security Awareness

A water droplet hitting a pool of water, which is coloured in stripes, one for each colour of the rainbow
LGBT+ Travel Wise

LGBT+ Travel Safety Course

A woman traveller is stood on a busy road
Women Travel Wise

Women Travel Safety Course

Security Awareness

beTravelwise has worked with clients to produce workplace security elearning courses and can now offer these frameworks to produce custom courses. All organisations have slightly different security protocols, face different risks and have staff deployed in varying circumstances, from office buildings to remote sites, which necessitates a level of customisation.

Boss threatening his employee with his finger
Workplace Violence Prevention

Awareness, Prevention and Response

Reception Area Of Modern Office Building With People
Workplace Security & Life Safety

Security and Safety in the Workplace

Side view of young hacker with digital business interface in blurry interior. Hacking and criminal concept
Cyber Security

Cyber Security Awareness


We understand that our clients like to have a level of customisation from simple personalisation to reflect name and protocols to a full rebrand and complete reflection of their travel risk management program and security policies.

beTravelwise Travel Safety Course customised in blue

Workplace Security

beTravelwise Travel Safety Course customised in yellow

Travel Safety