Study Abroad Travel Wise

This course is for undergraduates and postgraduates who are traveling abroad for study or placements through a Study Abroad or Erasmus scheme. Developed after extensive research and corroborated by US and European universities, it introduces students to the main health, security and travel risks they may face, and equips them with tools and strategies to mitigate them. It takes only 15 minutes to complete, is accessible on a smart phone, and the topics are concise, engaging and pitched at a student audience. The course is easily adapted to reflect the University’s own policies and how to access additional internal resources.


The introduction covers the University’s policies and procedures and encourages students to follow them for their own safety and wellbeing, as well as how to prepare effectively for their overseas experience. The course then covers key risks, preventative measures and culminates in the basic survival mechanisms for extreme events. The course finishes with a quickfire quiz to check understanding and for the university to track compliance. The course is summarized in a convenient handout with checklists for future reference.

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