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Elearning provides your staff with a route to knowledge in a controlled, measurable and auditable manner. Our media-rich courses are designed to be engaging and informative, helping to promote the safety messages within. The courses drive preparation and compliance.

Our elearning can be easily customised to include an organisation’s policies and procedures, drive compliance with systems and protocols and advertise further resources.  We can adapt the look and feel to make it look like an internal communication.

Deployed via a learning management system, elearning lets the learner self-pace, provides links to further information and checks knowledge with quizzes and certification.

  • Users can control their learning journey
  • Intuitive, clean and easy-to-use design
  • Short, highly interactive sections
  • Easy to promote your policies, procedures & assistance programme
  • Option to adapt the quiz, resources & checklists
  • Fully customisable for content & branding
  • Only include sections relevant to your staff
Animation still of two women travelwise characters and a man character stood next to a car

Animated videos

We have a range of videos that cover a multitude of risks and can be watched individually or combined to create themed mini-movies.  Our animated videos provide bite-sized and engaging advice about a range of subjects with easy to follow safety tips.

Videos are usually deployed individually via your intranet or can be sent as links in internal communications (such as a pre-travel advisory).  They can also be deployed via a learning management system for compliance purposes; however they are not the same as elearning as there is no interactivity.

  • Concise & engaging
  • Soft approach to sensitive security topics
  • Memorable, easy-to-follow advice
  • Can be deployed anywhere
  • Fully customisable for content & branding