Incident Wise

Our 15-minute High Risk (Security) Travel Safety course we call Incident Wise. Employers should provide this course if sending their employees to high risk destinations.

Countries are typically defined as high risk where there are increased threats posed to employees by violent & petty crime, political violence and social unrest.

Whilst the chance of serious incidents occurring during travel are slight, it is important to have a basic understanding on how to respond in case the worst happens. This will greatly increase your chances of survival, especially if travelling to higher risk locations. Incident Wise focuses on how to avoid becoming caught up in a serious incident and how to respond if you are.

Topics include: serious crime, kidnap, terrorist activities, natural disasters, social unrest and facilitation payments. We can add any topic relevant to you.

The course is broken down into mini travel safety topics using engaging animation to educate the learner – an example of this is seen here with our Express Kidnap animation.