Health Wise

Our 15-minute High Risk (Medical) Travel Safety course we call Health Wise. Employers should provide this course if sending their employees to destinations with a high medical risk, for example where malaria is a risk.

Health Wise focuses on the main health risks business travellers face and includes malaria awareness training. While the major diseases and pandemics get a lot of press coverage it is accidents and regular diseases that cause the majority of health problems for business travellers. This course has been designed with Walcote Health ensuring that the medical advice is current and engaging. Resource links allow the learner to find out the latest information through government health advice sites.

Topics include: pre-travel health checks, insect borne diseases and malaria, environmental considerations and personal wellbeing.

The course is broken down into mini travel safety topics using engaging animation to educate the learner – an example of this is seen here with our Bite Prevention animation.