Top Ten Travel Tips for Women by Sophie Harwood

06 May 2016

I’m an independent travel security consultant, specialising in security of women and LGBT travellers, with nearly ten years professional experience working and living in Europe, Asia and Africa. Over the years I’ve travelled to over forty different countries across six continents. Sometimes for work, and sometimes for leisure; sometimes in a group, and sometimes on […]

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beTravelwise in the news – Duty of Care

29 Apr 2016

The article below came about because when I chat to clients about what sales line to use to sell training they invariably say ‘Duty of Care’.  When questioned further they often say that is the only thing that matters, but yet duty of care doesn’t cut it with many potential clients which made me wonder […]

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Top 9 causes of non-natural deaths abroad

26 Apr 2016

Any experienced travel or security manager will know the probability of dying abroad is far less than that of in your home country – however, in light of recent terror attacks and earthquake incidents it is good to be reminded of the more probable risks abroad in order to prepare your travellers effectively. A traveller should […]

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beTravelwise in the news

15 Apr 2016

Our ‘how to react to a shooting incident’ animation appears in Buying Business Travel  

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Champagne for our Door Wedge Competition Winner

Christopher Stiegeler of executive recruitment agency Dunleavy White has picked up a case of champagne after being named the winner of beTravelwise’s ‘Orange Doorwedge’ competition, which ran during this year’s Business Travel Show. The travel safety training specialist invited show delegates to submit photographs of novel uses of its signature orange doorwedges, which the company […]

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Do taxis cause the biggest stress for travellers abroad?

13 Apr 2016

For those who have travelled extensively (and in particular to developing countries), at some stage you have probably been hassled by a taxi driver at airport arrivals and at worst experienced the indignity of being overcharged. Therefore, should an organisation allow their employees to take taxis on arriving at an airport? Should this be against policy especially […]

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Travel Risk Policy – 6 considerations for Business Travel Managers

04 Apr 2016

Travel Risk Policy 6 Considerations: Most conventional travel policies focus purely on cost – justifiably this should be a major control factor on how employees book and conduct travel. However, a good policy should allow travellers flexibility in how they travel when going to higher risk destinations – absence of such direction and awareness can […]

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Do your employees know how to respond to a crisis?

01 Apr 2016

A lot of organisations have a robust procedure to help their employees after a crisis through their internal teams, insurance or assistance companies.  However most of these systems rely on the employee being in a safe place to activate their support; how confident are you that they know what to do during and immediately after […]

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Kidnapping and Business Travellers – keeping it simple

23 Mar 2016

Managing kidnap risk is a specialist field and exposed organisations will likely have arrangements at the strategic level with bespoke insurance and security companies to address this concern. Whilst business travellers should not necessary know about these arrangements, awareness training should still be a key aspect of risk management. The approach should be unalarming, realistic and pitched for the business […]

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Vigilance when travelling is your best defence against most risks

21 Mar 2016

Another bomb went off in Istanbul on Saturday and unfortunately this is unlikely to be the last.  Business travel (and tourism) will continue nonetheless, so how do we arm travellers with the knowledge to keep themselves safe? There are courses and modules that cover nearly every risk they may face, but the education process would […]

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