Rio 2016 Olympic Games – 6 quick travel safety tips


Congratulations, you are lucky enough to have genuine tickets for the Olympics and have confirmed travel arrangements. You are due to see your doctor for a pre-travel health check and unless you are pregnant they will more than likely tell you not to concern yourself with the Zika virus and will be jealous not to be going with you.

Having recently spent a fantastic time in Rio I can reassure you that if you take sensible precautions your visit will be memorable and for the right reasons! Here are 6 pieces of travel safety advice that should help keep you out of trouble:

1. Pre-arrange your airport pick-up/ drop-off and confirm the driver details – ideally the driver should speak English – have the car company’s details to hand.

2. Don’t let Travellers’ Diarrhoea ruin your trip – only use bottled water and be sensible what you eat and where you eat it.

3. Taxis! Obviously only use registered/ official taxis but will you know the difference? Ask your hotel concierge or restaurant to arrange a car/ taxi for you – as a general rule do not hail off the street – UberBlack is a good option but if your trip is business related check your company’s policy on this.

4. Petty crime – be vigilant and not complacent, carry only essentials and beware of pickpocketing and bag/phone snatching from thieves on cycles/ motorcycles – if you have had too much alcohol you will be an easy target.

5. As a general rule – don’t walk at night.

6. Carry a hard copy of your insurance/ assistance details – ask yourself what happens if something goes wrong and you don’t have your phone and you don’t speak Portuguese?

16th May 2016