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Travel Risk Management – an overview of legal responsibilities in the UK

16 Nov 2017

A look into the UK legal requirements when conducting business overseas… Legal Environment In the context of business travel as with any work activity, there are certain steps to take under the Health and Safety at work etc Act 1974 and The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999. The relevant wording is […]

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beTravelwise tests the sharing economy in Denver

02 Aug 2016

In mid-July we went to Denver for the GBTA convention and decided that we should use Uber and Airbnb so that we could better understand the sharing economy from a business perspective[1].  Our aims also included gaining an understanding of how they might best be used within a travel risk management programme and what safety advice […]

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Do taxis cause the biggest stress for travellers abroad?

13 Apr 2016

For those who have travelled extensively (and in particular to developing countries), at some stage you have probably been hassled by a taxi driver at airport arrivals and at worst experienced the indignity of being overcharged. Therefore, should an organisation allow their employees to take taxis on arriving at an airport? Should this be against policy especially […]

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Travel Risk Policy – 6 considerations for Business Travel Managers

04 Apr 2016

Travel Risk Policy 6 Considerations: Most conventional travel policies focus purely on cost – justifiably this should be a major control factor on how employees book and conduct travel. However, a good policy should allow travellers flexibility in how they travel when going to higher risk destinations – absence of such direction and awareness can […]

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Why Travel Safety Training For Employees Is Increasingly Important

26 Jan 2016

In the aftermath of the Paris terror attacks, the subsequent Brussels lock down and travel warning issued by the US Government, any manager with responsibility for travellers should rightly question the risks employees may be exposed to and review what support they need to help keep them safe. Many managers may find it difficult to determine what the real risk is versus people’s perception of risk and how do you protect against the former and relieve the latter?

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