Do taxis cause the biggest stress for travellers abroad?

For those who have travelled extensively (and in particular to developing countries), at some stage you have probably been hassled by a taxi driver at airport arrivals and at worst experienced the indignity of being overcharged.

Therefore, should an organisation allow their employees to take taxis on arriving at an airport? Should this be against policy especially for countries rated above “low” risk or where there might be language barriers? Should only senior executives be allowed this additional expense?

Some benefits of using a pre-booked private car over a taxi

Safety considerations:

1. Criminal behaviour – some taxi drivers may take advantage of foreign visitors who are less aware of local scams.

2. Tracking – if a traveller has not been picked-up, relevant people can be informed and appropriate enquiries can take place.

3. Female travellers –  lone travellers maybe more exposed to crime and sexual harassment – should a female driver be arranged?

4. Vehicle standards – vehicle maintenance and driving ability is likely to be of a better standard for a private car company than an individual taxi owner. Road incidents account for the most non-natural deaths abroad.

Practical benefits for the traveller:

1. Less stress for the traveller: no need to find/walk (with luggage) to the taxi stand; no queuing; no confirming the price or destination – all these issues are made worse if there are language barriers.

2. Easier for the traveller to manage travel expenses on their return – most unbooked taxis will expect cash and issue hard copy receipts which will then need to be scanned.

3. Employees are reassured that someone will be waiting for them on arrival with the confidence of a local number to phone if an issue arises.

Arrivals – a short clip to encourage employees to be safe and compliant business travellers – are your travellers educated?

It is always helpful for Travel and Security Managers to have access to a list of trusted vehicle providers to arrange safe road movement – Tristar Worldwide Chauffeur Services is one such option for a global solution.


13th April 2016