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beTravelwise in the news

15 Apr 2016

Our ‘how to react to a shooting incident’ animation appears in Buying Business Travel  

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Why Travel Safety Training For Employees Is Increasingly Important

26 Jan 2016

In the aftermath of the Paris terror attacks, the subsequent Brussels lock down and travel warning issued by the US Government, any manager with responsibility for travellers should rightly question the risks employees may be exposed to and review what support they need to help keep them safe. Many managers may find it difficult to determine what the real risk is versus people’s perception of risk and how do you protect against the former and relieve the latter?

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Top 5 security considerations for business travellers

02 Dec 2015

While attacks such as the tragedy in Paris may be rare, they can happen to anyone, at any time, so knowing where your staff are when major incidents happen is vital. With the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, the subsequent Brussels lockdown, and the US Government travel advisory, security considerations for business travel is a hot topic. ‘Terror’ is designed to create fear, especially fear of carrying out everyday activities, but do recent events significantly change the security environment for business travel?

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