Our products

Elearning / training courses

Elearning and training provides staff a route to knowledge in a controlled, measurable and audit-able manner. Training can reflect an organisations policies and procedures, systems and resources and even look and feel.  Training helps staff preparation and drives compliance.

Elearning courses are interactive and whilst they contain many of our animations, they can also provide links to further information, quizzes, certification.

Animation still of two women travelwise characters and a man character stood next to a car

Animation / videos

Our videos provide short, sharp and engaging advice about a range of subjects in bite-sized, easy to follow advice.  Videos are usually deployed individually via an intranet or can be sent as links. 

Animations are an excellent way to provide information.  Whilst the are usually provided stand alone they can be deployed via a Learning Management System for compliance purposes.  They are not the same as a training course as there is no interactivity.