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Travel Wise


20-minutes. Travel Wise introduces the learner to the main health, security and travel risks that they are likely to face and equips them with the tools to mitigate them. The introduction covers why compliance with their organisation’s policies and procedures is important and also why travellers become targets for criminals. The course then covers preparation, key risks and preventative measures and culminates in the basic survival mechanisms for extreme events. The course finishes with a quick fire compliance quiz. The course is summarised in a convenient handout with checklists for future reference.

This is our most popular course that clients adapt to communicate specific policies & procedures as well as other bespoke content. For example adding Women & LGBT+ Traveller videos.

  • Topics include: introduction, preparation, awareness of risks and how to respond to an incident
  • For all travellers to all destinations
  • Concise learning with rich use of animation to bring training to life
  • Quick fire compliance quiz
  • Available in any language
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