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My Travel Wise

15-minutes. This course aims to increase awareness of the extra risks travellers may encounter based on their gender, sexuality and race. By focusing on personal risk, it makes the individual aware of how to assess their risk, how to assess their risk and how to prepare and act at their destination.

The course is designed for everyone as it highlights issues other members of their group may face and also makes the learner aware that not all destinations carry the same risks for every traveller. This course is interspersed with personal stories from three travellers to bring the advice to life and show its relevance in the real world.

  • Topics include: research, awareness of personal risks and how to behave at your destination to avoid conflict
  • Designed with all travellers in mind, but with a specific focus on lone, women and LGBT travellers
  • Relevant to travellers who go to countries with different cultures and social attitudes
  • Expert interviews and personal stories to bring course to life
  • Available in any language
  • 15-minutes
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