Active Shooter/Threat

We have various standalone and interactive training videos. Options range from 2-minutes to 10-minutes and can reflect any work setting.

The training advice reflects our client’s preference to meet their specific (sometimes more global audience) approach – some examples below.

Run, Hide, Fight (most clients choose this)
Get Out! Hide Out! Take Action
Evacuate, Hide Out, and Take Action
Run, Hide, Take Action
Run, Hide, Survive
Avoid – Deny – Defend
A = Avoid B = Barricade C = Confront
Run, Hide Tell (UK/EU Advice)

There is no limit to customization – we can adapt backgrounds to match a client’s work environment, for example adapting an office environment to a manufacturing environment.

To support a client’s Active Shooter/ Threat Program we have videos on Situational Awareness, Alert States and Workplace Violence Awareness.

Please see an example of one of our 2-minute Active Shooter/Threat Animations.