beTravelwise develops safety programme for LGBT travellers – Buying Business Travel Article

Original Article in Buying Business Travel by Tom Newcombe

beTravelwise has developed a travel safety programme to help mitigate the dangers faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) travellers.

The travel safety specialists said LGBT travellers often face a “myriad of legal and safety issues” when visiting certain countries. There are 75 worldwide that enforce anti-gay and transgender laws – eight of which still carry the death sentence for homosexuality.

The company has also hired Jeremy Wilkes as its new LGBT travel advisor – he has 20 years’ international travel experience working for organisations including British Airways and Centrica.

“Over the years I have mentored LGBT colleagues about the dangers they may face in certain countries when travelling for business,” said Wilkes. “Often the best solution is taking a commonsense approach, but it is important to formulate strategies at a corporate level to ensure the safety of all employees.

“I’m delighted to join the Betravelwise advisory board to help steer the training, support and advice they provide the LGBT business community. Helping to ensure the content speaks to LGBT travellers and encourages safer travel is very rewarding.”

One of his first tasks has been the development of its new animated production (below), which offers LGBT travellers safety tips, from navigating immigration control at airports to dealing with hotel staff when travelling with their partners. It also offers tips for business travellers when dealing with clients in conservative countries that outlaw homosexuality.

20th December 2016