Countries that are prone to earthquakes – do you know what to do if one strikes?

Earthquakes are not predictable but there are some parts of the world where they are more likely to occur.


Earthquakes can happen globally but mainly occur along the lines where the earth’s major plates meet. The red areas above indicate elevated areas of risk for earthquakes. Please see below specialist sites for the latest information on earthquake activity.

Importantly, if visiting an area of high risk, you should be aware of what to do before you travel as earthquakes rarely give any warning. The following short video outlines best practice behaviour in the unfortunate circumstance you experience an earthquake and indeed steps you can take to prepare yourself.

Do business travellers need training on how to react to an earthquake?

Only if travelling to a seismically active location, but remember this could be in a low risk destination such as if visiting the west coast of the USA or Italy. For the majority of travellers this type of training would be a distraction – travel safety training is best when relevant to the destination risk – where possible avoid a one size fits all approach.

Specialist references:


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17th March 2016