Active Threat Video

Please watch our updated Active Threat Video which is also in our new 14-minute Online Workplace Violence Prevention course.

If required we can easily customize the visuals of the video to reflect your workplace background or indeed any changes required (ie in the UK we say Run, Hide Tell).



As with all our videos, we charge $2,700 per minute of video taken and an additional $455 per minute if you want the video recolored too. We can adapt the visuals in the video and voiceover too as required.

In total the video is 2-minutes 39 seconds, so we charge 3-minutes as a standalone video.

Active Threat Video

Standard beTravelwise’s Colors:  $2,700 x 3 = $8,100 unlimited users for life.

Recolored to fit Client Branding: ($2,700 + $455 = $3,155) $3,155  x 3 = $9,463 unlimited users for life.

Optional Extras: 

Amended Voice-over: $825

New and amended visuals in animation: $1,235 per 10-seconds

Contact us to learn more.